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Château de Gudanes: A True Love Story Never Ends...
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The larger than life romances and break ups of America's most loved celebrities. But what really happened between the two real people involved in these relationships, behind closed doors?

A Super Strange True Love Story: My Disappearing Fiancé

Each episode begins with Serena and her team discussing a specific topic about love, dating and relationships. The legend of Sakura tells that a fairy was moved when she saw how old the tree looked, despite the fact that it was young. One night, the fairy appeared next to the tree and, with kind words, let it know she wanted to see it look beautiful and radiant. She was willing to help it.

During that time, the tree would be able to feel what human hearts feel. Maybe that way it would be happy and feel ready to blossom once again. The fairy told the tree that, thanks to the spell, it could turn into both a plant and a human being whenever it wanted. Just as the fairy said, the tree saw that it could turn into a human being and a plant whenever it wished.

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It tried staying as a human being for a long time to see if human emotions helped it blossom. However, it was totally disappointed at first.

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As much as it looked around, all it saw was war and hatred. After this, it went back to being a plant. The legend of Sakura tells that a lot of years passed and nothing changed. However, one afternoon it decided to become human. Then, it walked to a crystal clear stream where it saw a beautiful young lady. Her name was Sakura. The tree was very impressed with her beauty so it decided to approach her. Sakura was very kind to it.

To reciprocate her kindness, it helped her carry some water to her house, which was just around the corner. They had a lively conversation where they spoke with sadness about the wars that were going on in Japan and the many dreams they had. When the girl asked for its name, the tree said Yohiro.

The vacated wealth was something they otherwise would have killed to protect. It was mania wrought by the plague of gold, a crippling infirmity that afflicts humans alone.

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These Syrian children survived attacks that left them burned beyond belief. One program thousands of miles from home is offering them life-changing treatment. W inter was on its way in northwestern Syria when Hana Al Saloom awoke around 6 a.

There was a chill in the air. Her 5-year-old daughter, Aysha, was asleep near a gas heater, as her brothers and sisters slept in other rooms. Hana blinked.

The blast knocked her down. Then screams. She swiveled on her knees. She looked around. Everything was on fire. It was as if her house had exploded. The impact must have caused the gas heater to blow up too. The flames spread fast. Hana raced outside with her older children. He had reached into the flames to pull her out. His legs and hands were seared. But Aysha was injured the worst.

2. You are never too old to find love.

Neighbors rushed to put out the fire on her body — and all around them. Her skin was smoldering. A neighbor rushed Aysha and her dad to a hospital. Her wavy hair dances around her bright eyes. There she is in a white blouse. There she is in a purple plaid dress. There she is with pigtails, sitting on a swing, wearing a white, blue and red polka-dotted tutu. Her mouth hung open, her eyes slightly cracked, her neck as reddish-pink as a bloody raw steak. Her face looked as if someone had slathered it with a mud mask.

Pasty in some places, blackened in others. But her skin, Hana says, was still there, even if it had turned a different shade. Badly hurt and on the brink of death, that is how Hana remembered her daughter on the day she was burned.

True Love Story

After Aysha was whisked away to Turkey for medical care on the day of the accident, an uncle who accompanied her sent a photo of her face wrapped in white bandages. Instead, the uncle would call regularly with updates from Turkey. She was going to be OK. Doctors focused on her lungs especially, which were damaged from the smoke.

Hana prayed and cried, waiting for Aysha to be well enough to come home.

Long Distance Relationship (TRUE LOVE) STORY Filipino / Norwegian

Finally, that day came. Hana waited, and when she saw the car coming down the road, she ran out of her house in time to see her little girl step out.

She remembers that Aysha wore jeans and a red and white striped dress. Her hair had been shaved off. But it was her face that shocked Hana the most. She did not know that the burned layer of skin had fallen away in sheaths, and that the new skin that replaced it was a combination of grafts, recent growth and irregular-shaped scars. Aysha did not look like the little girl her mother remembered, but Hana had no doubt she was her daughter.

The Secret Life of a Professional Statue

Here are 7 inspiring real-life love stories that will deeply touch your heart and restore your faith in love. If you want to have fun, save time, and find a great mate, here's what not to do, from the misadventures of one divorcée looking for love.

She grabbed Aysha and carried her inside of the house. She sat down, weeping.

Our latest Narratively story isn't available online - we printed the entire thing on a tote bag!

Hana recalls how Aysha was welcomed back to parts of the community, but the children who used to play with her refused. In May , they boarded a plane and arrived in California. For the last 10 months, Aysha has lived in Southern California, traveling with a chaperone several days a week — an hour each way from an apartment in Irvine — to the hospital in Pasadena for checkups and surgeries, all to treat the burns and scars that run across her arms, chest, neck and face. She is one of six Syrian children who have come to the U. Given the immigration hurdles and expenses for travel, living and medical care, it would be almost impossible for most Syrian families to travel to the U.

She has been active in humanitarian projects since the war in Syria began. State Department has remained supportive of temporary visas to bring burned Syrian children and their families to the U. Twenty-five more burned Syrian children are currently on waiting lists to come to the U. Currently they do not have enough funding to bring all of the children who need help. There have been half a million deaths and at least two million injuries since the start of the Syrian Civil War in , and the young Syrian patients who show up at Shriners come with gnarled hands, missing eyes and knotty scars, as well as obstructed breathing, hearing and vision.

Some can barely swallow. Their injuries are the direct result of air strikes and, in some cases, chemical weapons attacks.

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A longtime Syrian-American activist within the Arab-American community, Moujtahed worked on developing the partnership with Shriners as well as getting support from politicians. Those who survive their burns have a really tough, heavy pain, not only from their burns, but also psychologically. Norbury recalls the injuries of one Syrian boy he treated recently. It looked like he was balancing a baseball on the back of his hand.