The Korean War Vol I: South to Naktong, North to the Yalu (US Army Green Book)

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I stir the clothes with an old stick. A key to the high Korean survival rates among the wounded, whole blood was especially important during the critical first hours of treatment. Most wounded men bled and the condition known as shock could rapidly become irreversible, ending in death. To halt the circulatory failure that was a consequence of hemorrhage and the basic factor in shock, whole blood had no equal.

Pleased to receive letter. In medical units, frequent movies and increasing stocks of athletic equipment helped to pass the time between battles. Outside movies. We live right next to the railroad tracks. Tasks include reception, the sorting and temporary shelter of battle casualties and appropriate treatment for either return to their units or transfer of the seriously injured further to the rear. Insert Hughes photo of 7th HQ above annotation. Insert Clearing Station photo with caption.

Standard operating procedures dictated that the two clearing platoons of each clearing company would leapfrog each other to keep up with the tempo of battle. As one platoon set up and operated a clearing station, the other would displace to a new location, and, when the second was operational, the first would shut down and relocate.

It was an exhausting regimen. Insert platoon sign pictures with caption.

Photos Courtesy of Doug Halbert. Sent feathers from a bird which was shot for dinner. The green hills and patchwork-patterned rice paddies had an enchanting beauty when seen from a distance. Families are planting rice. Insert Hughes rice paddies photo with caption. I like travel so much. Appleman, Roy. Raining all day today. Here the battle lines stabilized and the conflict changed from a war of movement to a war of position. Sending box of clothes home. If you do please tell me what this says.

They drop these to Chinamen from planes. Some enemy soldiers did surrender, with many carrying the dropped leaflets. The captives reported that there were morale problems in their units because of the UN aerial attacks. Insert leaflet.

I hope not. I am going to have a patch put on it. Insert historical facts sheet. One of the medical surprises of the war, however, was the outbreak of epidemic hemorrhagic fever in It was treated with intravenous fluids. Is this you? Geta are a form of Japanese footwear that resemble both clogs and flip-flops.

The 2nd Ranger Infantry Company

Nothing in this policy was intended to put refugees at risk. He shows the effects of close air support in enemy killed, supplies denied, and the turn of battle; he assesses the success or failure of various strategies, tactics, techniques, and methods; he emphasizes the difficulties the Air Force faced and how the challenges were met and overcome. It was the fourth time in a year that the city had changed hands. The task of keeping innocent civilians out of harm's way was left entirely to ROK authorities. These soldiers were infiltrating behind our lines. Hamburger, Kenneth Earl.

They are a kind of sandal with an elevated wooden base that can keep the feet dry in rain or snow. Geta make a noise similar to flip-flops, slapping against the heel whilst walking. Drawing of a Japanese father and son. Insert picture of Geta shoes. In July of , one of the celebrities who provided entertainment to the troops in Korea was Jack Benny.

Insert Capt.

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Hughes Jack Benny Photo below annotation. Projector for pictures needed at home. The Korean road traffic was predominantly by oxcart.

Hughes photo of oxcart and road. Even the best of the roads were narrow, poorly drained and surfaced only with gravel or rocks broken laboriously by hand. Malaria was a constant threat in Korea because of a large civilian reservoir of the disease and the presence of anopheline mosquitoes. Mosquito netting was used in all areas except the front lines, and chloroquine was issued to the men under the customary tight controls.

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Write me soon. Korean boy given whiskey.

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Did not like it. Boy did it hurt. My mother took me to the Doctor. Eye drops, ear drops, nose drops, throat drops. Insert about to come home telegram.

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In Japan daddy uses this instead of a taxi. General G. Casualty figures are estimated at over 3, American and French and an estimated 25, North Korean and Chinese.

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Most personnel earned their rotation entitlement in 12 to 14 months. Last letter from the War. It never did. In the film, easily recognizable despite a coating of lampblack and the erosion of a half-dozen years, was our own Gunny Arzt. We all broke into applause. You cannot sleep with forty men in the same room for three or four months, shave and brush your teeth side by side each morning, share a group shower, and sit on adjoining toilet seats day after day without becoming aware of just who is who.

He wanted to be a writer, maybe a Civil War historian, which sounded right because Dick lacked small talk and easy laughter. Allen and he was a Lynchburg, Virginia, man, about five feet nine, tough, strong, compact, with jug ears and a wide smile. Whether it was V.

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I, or having been an enlisted man in the wartime Marine Corps, Mack was, though quietly, about as ferocious as a man could be about wanting to get into combat, and soon, as a rifle-platoon leader. And safe. Mack meant what he said.

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Leading men into combat was sort of a religious cause for Mack. Lou Faust, the rangy, rawboned, married guy in the radio business, had sandy hair and slightly bowed legs. Lou was amiable as hell, never boasted or said very much at all, and always wore a wide, easy grin. Then one morning there was this big inspection of barracks laid on, and when we were all through sweeping and swabbing our platoon area and had fallen in outside in the company street waiting for the colonel to come through and look things over, and each platoon had left one man to stay behind a bit, to be sure no one came through and tracked up the newly scrubbed deck, Faust was one of the men assigned.

At Quantico you took things like newly swabbed barracks floors pretty seriously in that year.