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This tactical Bible is right on the mark, and is exactly how I was taught to put together game-winning tactics and strategies. Men's Singles Champion, 2-time Olympian "Larry Hodges' book on table tennis tactics is the best I have ever seen on this subject.

This is the first book that explains how to play against the many styles of the game. Men's Singles Champion and long-time U. Livrarea se face din stocul furnizorului nostru din UK in aproximativ 15 zile lucratoare. Transportul este gratuit prin curier rapid, oriunde in Romania, pentru orice comanda de minimum 50 de lei.

Pentru orice solicitare sau informatie suplimentara apelati call center-ul Libris de luni pana vineri intre orele Top vanzari Noutati Promotii. Prin abonarea in aceasta pagina esti de acord sa primesti prin email promotii de la Libris. Te poti dezabona in orice moment din email sau din contul tau. A better tactic in this situation might be to play the first ball wide in the forehand, forcing your opponent to move to cover it. Then you can quick block into his backhand so that he has to move back and play a backhand on the move.

Now you are more likely to expose his weaker backhand than if you had just gone there from the start. The tactics for these situations are very different but they are both based around a weaker backhand than forehand which you need to use to your advantage. The stronger the opponent the more you may have to think before you can find a way to expose their weakness. Throughout the book Larry emphasises the importance of placement.

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Instead, you would be better off taking a bit of pace off the ball and aiming it cleverly to catch your opponent off guard. Down-the-line shots are great for this as players naturally expect the ball to come back on the diagonals. However, if you want to be able to hit a backhand down the line winner at in the 5th game then you better have spent the time practicing it beforehand. I and Larry think we spend way too much time practicing our lovely diagonal strokes and nowhere near enough time getting them going down the line.

Practice until you can place every shot you use, anywhere on the table. This is my final key point from the book and something that I definitely need to do more of myself. Larry talks about the importance of trying lots of different serves, receives and strokes out in the first game and paying attention to what your opponent is good and bad against. When I put it like that it sounds simple and obvious but I know that I rarely do this. Instead I just start serving short, tight serves as always and hoping they give me some pushes to attack.

When it gets tight later on in the game or match, that is not the time to try and fast serve and see if he rips it past you or not!

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I think that I can come at this from a slightly different perspective. However, reading this book has really opened my eyes to the kinds of things I should be thinking about while playing competitively. This increase in ranking has not come from an increase in skill caused by training.

It has comes from an increase in thinking. This is me! The book is available via Amazon and has a paperback and Kindle version.

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I believe everyone has the potential to become an expert at table tennis. Join Today. But firstly, who is Larry Hodges… Larry Hodges has become a bit of a hero of mine since I started reading his daily table tennis blog last year. In the few sample pages I read and found some good, useful info. I got to years ago by just simply improving my strokes, serves, and serve returns.

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This is me! If you have had a vision of possessing the strokes and techniques of assembling the table tennis table and becoming a top player, Table Tennis Tactics for Thinkers will be the perfect book for you. The tactics for these situations are very different but they are both based around a weaker backhand than forehand which you need to use to your advantage. In the doubles game, an additional rule is that the ball should be presented in a diagonally opposite area If the server fails to work on the Qatar area on the opposite side, then the opponent gets this point. You can also benefit from more fiber to aid digestion. This is the first book that explains how to play 4.

The problem though was I was just kind of playing, I wasn't thinking much about tactics during the match. As I've gotten older I have gotten better at tactics and have jumped up to almost now. I'm hoping that reading the book and using some of the strategy and tactics will finally help me break that barrier. The Shakehander wrote: I wonder how many people think during a point, from what i've done and seen most are just reacting Perhaps this is true during the point, but what about before the point?

I'm sure at least I hope this is the case that most players think before they serve, analyze patterns in the previous rallies and tries to come up with new ways to play to gain the uper hand. I know I do this all the time.

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The Shakehander wrote: Have a look at a sample page. For those with the book, what kind of pictures are there?

I'm not in a rush to read the book yet, but would like to have pictures in the kindle version. Only pictures of famous and not players. This is just kinda plain text book. NextLevel wrote: Hodges does say that the Kindle version will need some revisions for formatting and pictures to make it, so the print version is currently superior. It was a huge formatting hassle, but I finally found out what was causing all the problems.

All those who had already bought and downloaded it received an email telling them how they can download for free the new version. You can also download and read it on an iPad and iPhone.


BTW: anyone have a video showing the 'strawberry flip' receive as mentioned in the book? I've been unable to find one either. Several players at my club have been experimenting with it. Larry's articles and books have improved my skill and hastened my learning curve a lot.

The best table tennis tip ever (interview with Larry Hodges)

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