Satans Holiday

Satan's Holiday: The Devil's Jukebox
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Why Satan Loves Christmas

What must an unfamiliar observer think of Halloween? Parents dress their children as monsters, vampires, devils, witches and ghosts and encourage them to approach total strangers to ask them for candy and other treats. Homeowners decorate their houses with images of black cats, ghosts, goblins and carved pumpkins and sometimes transform their yards into make-believe graveyards. Why are such bizarre practices so popular? Why would anyone celebrate a holiday emphasizing the morbid and macabre?

As with Christmas and Easter, we can trace the roots of Halloween far back into the pagan past. Halloween is the name for the eve of Samhain [pronounced sow-en ], a celebration marking the beginning of winter as well as the first day of the New Year within the ancient Celtic culture of the British Isles. The eve and day of Samhain were characterized as a time when the barriers between the human and supernatural worlds were broken.

What about the Christmas holiday?

It was the time to placate the supernatural powers controlling the processes of nature. In addition, Halloween was thought to be the most favourable time for divinations concerning marriage, luck, health, and death.

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As with Christmas and Easter, church leaders adopted this ancient celebration to serve their own purposes. The British church attempted to divert this interest in pagan customs by adding a Christian celebration to the calendar on the same date as Samhain.

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We however look at Halloween in another way with a 'tongue in cheek' approach. Our view is that "Halloween music is not just for once a year listening".

Our album is compiled with many songs that can be played all year round. This year Satan takes a break from scaring and tormenting and leaves the Halloween work to the spooks, gooks and goblins.

Satan is taking a well-earned holiday with his sexy Satanettes by his side. His Jukebox is blasting out evil howls, and devilish music delights, the Devil knows his bop beat and what makes an evil and fiendish party rock! This 'Atomicat' album is compiled by well-known Dee Jay and face on the music scene Mark Armstrong, who has been Dee Jaying since his early teen years.

1. God created Satan before our calendar days were even established.

You just cursed your family from three to four generations. Even after they became Christians, some people in northern Europe continued these customs and called it Halloween. Revelation For a people entirely dependent on the volatile natural world, these prophecies were an important source of comfort and direction during the long, dark winter. Abortion access.

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