Marketing and Football: An International Perspective (Sports Marketing)

Marketing et football: une perspective internationale
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This process continues from the beginning of the national team participation in the Arabic, Asian or International Championships, and to follow-up on the local league to know the audiences reactions Michael, Marketing has been identified in the sport field as a social and administrative process through which the individuals and the groups receive their needs and desires through establishing and introducing a national team with high technical level and strong league with high reputation to everyone inside or outside the country.

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In addition, marketing is known as the knowledge about the communication principles and the methods of influencing and persuading others and by all means it is an art that requires the skill to use the methods and the ways in an excellent way to reach the audiences. Hence, marketing concept in general and the sport marketing in particular is a dynamic activity, a system process, a planned, mutual, and innovative process Smith, This research addresses marketing the Jordanian Football League based on the modern marketing concepts using a marketing mix, which is a set of marketing tools that can be used by the institution, including the Football federation to reach its goals in the Arabic, Asian or international Football Market.

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An exploration of motives, constraints and future participation intention in sport and exercise events. The corporate partners who paid the most would receive these exclusive opportunities to advertise. These outsourced companies handle sponsorship sales while the in-house marketing department shifted its attention to promotions and increasing attendance and ticket sales. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Our Day return guarantee still applies. Pitts, James J.

Marketing mix consists of the following:. Product: It identified as the mix of tangible and intangible features, that in any way the customer design to satisfy the public needs and desires, though establishing a football national team that is the result of a strong league, able to generate superior players should be relevant to the form and the content. It is the core of the marketing mix strategy in which retailers can offer consumers symbolic and experiential attributes to differentiate products from competitors Ferrell Price is the cost of producing, delivering and promoting the product charged by the organization Kotler Distribution: it is any way the customer can obtain or receive a product Jones, What is meant by the distribution is the mix of the sports buildings: the useable high quality facilities that are distributed through the kingdom either for training or for the games at the national team in summer or winter seasons, and the audiences are easily able to reach them.

Promotion: It is the mix of media processes or persuading and reminding through the marketing department communications with the external audiences. Audiences refer to the national team audience and the league audience who have the desire to follow-up the league locally or internationally. Promotions have become a critical factor in the product marketing mix which consists of the specific blend of advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, public relations and direct marketing tools that the company uses to pursue its advertising and marketing objective Kotler, The importance of marketing the Jordanian Football League resides in attracting the attention of those who are in charge in the football association about the role that the marketing department should play.

Despite the weakness in marketing the league and the limited financial and moral abilities allocated to the marketing processes, still the national team and the local league receive a wide interest at the regional and Arabic levels, even at the Asian level. Marketing processes work to create positive relations based on the satisfaction between inside and outside audience about the game itself.

Also, marketing the local league works to increase the sales, reaching all the individuals, and groups working in the game including the players, trainers, referees and couches as well as the clubs, thereby reaching a high level of financial income, that contributes to raise the game technically in a continuous way, and raise the level of the national team the product and the local league.

Global Sports Marketing Strategies

Sport marketing works to make the audience aware of the real level that the game has reached through the continuous communication between those in charge in the association and the audiences. The national team has reached an advanced level within the world cup qualifications contest to Brazil , but those in charge of the football union do not have the interest or the support, also they do not allocate any budget for better performance.

In addition, the researcher has noticed the lack of marketing in the football national teams and the league and that those in charge of marketing perform their work without the presence of a strategic marketing plan to reach the goals, or there are wrong practices and methods that do not correspond to what they perform to market the local league. Through being close to the work in some Arabic Unions of the football game in which Jordanian experts are working, the researcher noticed that the league marketing procedures in these associations are fast and move from one point to another achieving great gains for the game itself.

Bill Gates, the founder of Microsoft Corporation has pointed that Marketing carries great value when it is able to provide the benefit to the consumer through improving the features of the offered product to benefit the public, the society and finally the nation.

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Recent research has noted the need for reconsideration in the overall manner in which organizations practically deal with the wider process of product design Chebbi et al. Investigate the presence of statistically significant differences in the proposed plan for marketing the Jordanian Football League according to gender variable.

Marketing and Football: an international perspective

Football is arguably one of the most important sports in the world, and the marketing of football has become an increasingly important issue, as clubs and. Editorial Reviews. Book Description. The first and only book ever published on the Marketing of Football. About the Author. Michel Desbordes is a Professor at.

The descriptive survey based research method was used in this study due to its suitability and nature of study. The study population consisted of the students in the management and training division in the faculty of physical educations and sport science at The Hashemite University for the year , which is equal to students. The researcher took the whole community as a sample for the study. Table 1 shows the distribution of the study sample and the percentages.

Marketing and Football: an international perspective | Birkbeck Sport Business Centre

Instrument development: The researcher based on the reviewed literature on marketing developed the questionnaire. The researcher used the following tools:. Table 1. Description of the study sample. The researcher based on the reviewed literature on marketing planning and sport management developed the questionnaire.

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The instrument validity has been confirmed through content validity by introducing the scale to the experts to make sure of the appropriateness of the used language and the extent of the items relevance to the used domain. The consistency values reached 0. The research questions of the study were answered by using the relevant data in organized tables. In light of the study questions and objectives the researcher performed the needed statistical analysis and in the order of the questions as they appeared in the study.

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The means and standard deviations were used and are presented in Table 2. The mean of the responses to the domain items associations management was 4.

The mean of the responses to the domain items of place and distribution was 4. Also the mean of the responses to the marketing domain promotion items was 4. The current study results reveal that there is a high degree of relevance of the proposed plan to market the Jordanian Football League. The researcher explains that all of the elements of the marketing process were described for the board, administrators, and couches.

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The role of each component is to integrate with the marketing process. On the other hand, the study sample was convincing to set the precise specification regarding the legislations of the marketing process, conducting an annual show about the Jordanian Football achievement, introducing players with high and advanced technical level to represent the Jordanian Football either at the clubs level or at the product inside and outside the country. Cooperation between all stakeholders should be done to guarantee the live viewing of the Jordanian Football audiences whether in the league or in following up the product regarding traffic, cars parking, security persons, ticket price.

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Year published Metadata Show full item record. Abstract This chapter discusses the changing nature of the political economy of sport, and football in particular, in the last quarter of the twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-first century.

Focusing on the United Kingdom for a national perspective and on FIFA for the international perspective, this chapter identifies the nature of the market for sponsorships and endorsements, the fan base of national and international soccer, and the Horst Dassler-led FIFA assault on the traditional promotion of world football and the establishment of corporate partnerships that generate millions of dollars of revenue both In a wider context, football marketing has also become a benchmarking standard for other sports to learn from worldwide.

The practices and processes of such an established industry are important lessons for those sports which are yet to maximise on their potential earnings, and provide interesting lessons in sports marketing in general. Marketing and Football: an international approach is the first book to provide a comprehensive and entirely global approach to this subject.