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This "dictionary" of translations can be created in several different formats, XLIFF being the recommended format:.

Now, if the language of the user's locale is French e. You can also translate the message inside your templates.

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Buy Le Message (French Edition): Read Kindle Store Reviews - laolikocer.tk Le Message (French Edition) [Fabrice Galonnier] on laolikocer.tk *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. «Le Message», c'est ainsi que l'on nomme.

To actually translate the message, Symfony uses the following process when using the trans method:. However, creating a translation for this string is impossible since the translator will try to look up the message including the variable portions e.

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Another complication is when you have translations that may or may not be plural, based on some variable:. New in version 4. Prior to this, pluralization was managed by the transChoice method. Most of the time, translation occurs in templates. Symfony provides native support for both Twig and PHP templates:. Read Using Translation in Templates for more information about the Twig tags and filters for translation. The most time-consuming tasks when translating an application is to extract all the template contents to be translated and to keep all the translation files in sync.

Symfony includes a command called translation:update that helps you with these tasks:. The translation:update command looks for missing translations in:. Deprecated since version 4. The locations are listed here with the highest priority first.

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That is, you can override the translation messages of a bundle in any of the top two directories. The override mechanism works at a key level: only the overridden keys need to be listed in a higher priority message file. When a key is not found in a message file, the translator will automatically fall back to the lower priority message files. The filename of the translation files is also important: each message file must be named according to the following path: domain. The loader can be the name of any registered loader.

By default, Symfony provides many loaders, including:.

The choice of which loader to use is entirely up to you and is a matter of taste. The recommended option is to use xlf for translations. For more options, see Loading Message Catalogs. You can add other directories with the paths option in the configuration:. You can also store translations in a database, or any other storage by providing a custom class implementing the LoaderInterface interface.

See the translation.

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Translating happens based on the user's locale. Read How to Work with the User's Locale to learn more about how to handle it. To find the French translation, Symfony actually checks translation resources for several locales:. When Symfony can't find a translation in the given locale, it will add the missing translation to the log file. For details, see logging. For more information, see the documentation for these libraries. When you work with many translation messages in different languages, it can be hard to keep track which translations are missing and which are not used anymore.

The young women are represented as every bit the feral youths, the sneering, snarling, micturating, violent racaille that Nicolas Sarkozy once referred to in the context of the banlieue riots.

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They spit sexually aggressive remarks at him. He attempts, with the composure and authority of his class, to send them off. But they lack discipline: they do not respond at all well to his dignified telling off. Instead, they put a knife to his throat and sexually assault him, biting him on the penis and making him humiliate himself: "Say your dick is small or I'll cut off your precious jewels.

The follow-up is just as significant as the assault. Pierre reports it to the police, but the response of the police officer, who implies that he has made the whole thing up, leaves him even more shell-shocked. In physical agony and emotionally battered, he is then collected from the station by his wife.

The sympathy she extends is almost perfunctory, and immediately interrupted by her own crowing about her work achievements.

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She then shames him for dressing immodestly, in revealing shorts and flip-flops, telling him that if he chooses to dress like this, then "don't you dare complain". Pierre asks, in frustration: "You want me to wear a balaclava? What has happened here? The decision to frame the issue of sexual assault in terms of street gangs is telling, as is the fact that most of those who harass and attack Pierre, such as the bellowing homeless woman, are of a lower social class.

In the real world, the great majority of sexual assaults, including the most serious, are carried out by a partner, an ex-partner, a family member, or someone else known to the victim.

“Le Chêne et le Roseau” de Jean de la Fontaine – Audio

It is not a stretch to say that in France the proportion of sexual assaults involving random north African street gangs would be puny. Yet the film has chosen to set up a scenario in which a middle-class, "good" French person is assaulted, and let down by the police, who in so doing let the racaille get away with it.

The wife, letting down her husband, risks turning him into the worst possible thing, a balaclava-wearing Muslim simpleton. This is the clincher, as far as the film is concerned: civilised France risks being Islamicised if it does not embrace the kind of curiously misogynistic feminism of Pourriat's film.

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