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The weapon could fire a jet of flame to a distance of metres for a duration of up to 10 seconds. Show more.

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Access to Originals Please use the following steps to determine whether you need to fill out a call slip in the Prints and Photographs Reading Room to view the original item s. Each infantry company that would attack in Verdun formed a shock troop composed of infantrymen with one rifle and three hand grenades each; one pioneer group equipped with axes, hatchets, saws, wire cutters, and concentrated and elongated charges; and one Kleif squad armed with two flamethrowers, incendiary grenades, and hand grenades. Favorite track: Der Tag ist mein Freund. Garde-Pionier-Bataillon provide a flamethrower company for each of the six infantry divisions taking part. Artillery would lay down a smoke screen to conceal their movements. Liska, H. The commander, Haupt.

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The Flammenwerfer 35, or FmW 35 (flame thrower) was a one-man German flamethrower used . Create a book · Download as PDF · Printable version. Flammenwerfer (German Edition) eBook: Rachel Kushner, Bettina Abarbanell: laolikocer.tk: Kindle Store.

Their job was to man and maintain the vast fleets of aircraft needed to attack German cities and industry. Thus spurred the development of the FmW Similar to many other designs of the time, the FmW 41 used a hydrogen torch to ignite a tar and petrol mixture which was fired from a hand-held torch attached to a tank.

The petrol and propellant were carried in separate tanks carried on the back which held Problems surfaced against Soviet troops during the winter of as its lighting mechanism was unable to cope with the cold weather conditions. Later versions of the weapon replaced the hydrogen torch with a cartridge based system which proved more effective. Flamethrower troops are often targeted by enemy troops as they take a heavy psychological toll on enemy morale in addition to being effective weapons against well entrenched enemy troops.

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