Fighting with French: A Tale of the New Army

One Hundred Years Ago, the Harlem Hellfighters Bravely Led the U.S. Into WWI
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Fighting with French : A Tale of the New Army At six o'clock next morning sergeant-majors and corporals went round the hall stirring up the sleepers. There were groans and grumbles, but the men turned out, and there was a general dash for the. Fighting with French: A Tale of the New Army [Herbert Strang] on *​FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Herbert Strang was the pseudonym used.

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The French Army is hiring science fiction writers to imagine future threats New, 2 comments. Linkedin Reddit Pocket Flipboard Email. When French outrage eventually forced action, a series of kangaroo courts resulted in prosecutions for sex offences and 29 soldiers being hanged for rape, 77 per cent of them were black GIs. The military had to send for an executioner from Texas to perform the hangings as the French capital punishment system was still the guillotine and they had no technicians skilled in the use of the noose.

Instead, there came incomprehension, arrogance, incredibly bad manners and the swagger of conquerors. Pierre Voisin has, until now, not featured in any military history but the businessman elected mayor of the strategic Channel port of Le Havre found himself in a long-running battle with US military.

The port, a keystone in Hitler's Atlantic Wall, was blasted to wasteland as the Royal Navy fired 4, tons of shells and Allied aircraft dropped 1, bombs to dislodge the German garrison. It was only three months after D-Day that it was liberated and became the US logistical base through which munitions, supplies, transport and soldiers poured into Europe. They were billeted in huge camps dotted around Le Havre which they named after such cigarette brands as Lucky Strike, Chesterfield and Philip Morris and their presence enticed hungry and desperate women from miles around to indulge in prostitution, further underscoring the view that sex was uppermost in the thoughts of French females.

GI promiscuity took place in parks, cemeteries, streets and abandoned buildings in cities. The military imperative was to keep the news from the American public and stem the rising tide of venereal disease. The priorities were clearly signposted when chief surgeon AW Kenner called for immediate action noting there could be "a dangerously high incidence of venereal disease among our troops, entailing serious loss of fighting efficiency".

To the outrage of the French, GIs were issued with more condoms to solve the problem. The Germans had a different approach, establishing official brothels where prostitutes were subject to regular medical checks and a data bank was kept of their sexual health.

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Le Havre became the "Wild West of France", according to one resident. With Colonel Wang now dead, Mr.

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Zhang and others decided that the time had come to step forward with details of his role organizing the petition. Zhang said. But Colonel Wang offered to use his elite connections to organize a show of dissent from within the military. Copies of the petition spread around Beijing that May, but its origins and authenticity were unclear, diminishing its impact. But Mr. Zhang, who had contacts with senior military officers, now says that he wrote down the statement and names during a phone call from Colonel Wang and then passed it on to friends who made copies.

Both men recalled a long night in Mr.

I Tried Joining the French Foreign Legion

He played down the risk of mass bloodshed, both men recalled. Zhou, who lives in Beijing, said in a phone interview. A Connection With Residents. Even as the petition circulated around Beijing, , to , troops from across the country were mobilizing to enforce martial law.

Although the resistance by ordinary Beijingers is well established, the documents and interviews describe the dismay, frustration and rumors that unsettled the military when residents were galvanized into defiance, rather than being cowed by the rush of soldiers clutching guns. Many Beijing residents were swept up by the idealism of the students and their grievances over corruption, inequality and inflation. For three days, as the weary, marooned soldiers clutched their rifles in the wilting sun, he recalled how residents and students brought them food and escorted them to toilets, all the while bombarding them with the message that theirs was a just cause.

Chen said in an interview.

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Rattled by the impasse and worried that troops might waver in their loyalties, the commanders ordered their withdrawal, the documents say. Chen said, recalling banners that hung from windows hailing their loyalty to the people. Over the next 10 days, several former soldiers said they were fed a confusing diet of indoctrination at their encampments on the outskirts of Beijing.

They studied the speeches of Mr. Deng and were told the demonstrations were the work of a subversive minority bent on toppling the Communist Party. Even as the troops imbibed the propaganda, the notion that they might have to shoot the demonstrators appeared remote, recalled Mr. Li, who was then 25 and a radar operator in the 39th Group Army. Even after over a week of such training, commanders worried about the commitment of the troops to take the square.