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Understanding delta file changes and merge conflicts in Git pull requests
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Remember we said Git would determine which changes to apply based on the merge-base commit? Which is the final version for file abstracted as a square? In this example a user modified the file in the source branch and then rolled it back to the way it was at the merge-base commit expecting Git to set this version as the final one for the merge operation.

However, Git compared the version of the file from the merge-base commit against the HEAD of the source branch and determined there were no changes on it and therefore it ignored it. At the same time the target branch received a change on the same file and since there was no input on this file from Git on the source branch, it remained untouched and with no conflicts after the merge operation was completed. From the perspective of a support engineer, my suggestion to developers experiencing unexpected results from a merge operation is to identify the head of the source branch at the moment of a pull request completion and compare it to the merge-base commit by running the git merge-base command.

After all this being said we can narrow down the possible scenarios to merge conflicts and unexpected resulting changes applied.

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Follow Aram. The article was originally meant to shed some light to users who had unexpected changes applied once the PR was completed and probably source branch deleted. I will compose your suggestion mentioning this workflow as a safe-measure. Log in to join the discussion.

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Free download. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Cut A Long Story Short (January ) file PDF Book​. Cut A Long Story Short is a monthly mini-Anthology of international short stories. The stories featured in the publication are only those that win, or are.

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We caught an early evening flight to Buenos Aires. Day Buenos Aires.

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The owner is dishonest and wanted to charge us per a ridiculous USD-peso conversion rate. We ended up paying in USD to avoid having the price doubled. There were no screens on windows, so the choice was mosquito bites or a very hot stuffy room.

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In retrospect, I wish we would have left even if we had to pay. There are plenty of hostels.

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Palermo was a good place to stay, and we felt relatively safe at night. Some restaurant areas were hopping at night! Overall, I was not a huge fan of Buenos Aires apologies to big fans.

I felt that we had to watch out a lot. She went to pick it up at a pharmacy just a counter in a wall, where you stand on the sidewalk and buy from someone inside and was surprised to be handed a bag of syringes. She had to have her hostel owner translate the instructions.

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Her story made me feel fortunate that I only had money stolen during my first day in Buenos Aires. The San Telmo market was touristy, but had good street food and very low prices for some nice crafts that made good souvenir gifts. The gardens around Palermo were nice. There were gated communities; the economic disparity in BA was very apparent. Food was good in BA.

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We had a Peruvian meal Chan Chan, I think that was inexpensive and by far the best food of the whole trip. We took Manuel Tienda shuttle back to the airport. My friend had to leave, with a tight timetable due to family obligations back home. I was headed the opposite direction, with a middle-of-the-night flight to Ushuaia.

We spent time together in the airport until he had to go board his flight.

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I slept as much as possible in the airport on top of my luggage. Day Ushuaia I arrived to the tiny but tidy Ushuaia airport around 6 a. Ushuaia was fancier than other towns in Argentina. The wealth brought to the town via Antarctica tourism was apparent. I stayed in Antarctica Hostel. Wonderful place!! The breakfast was the most complete of all breakfasts I had during my trip, as it had eggs protein! They offered laundry service for a small fee, and I finally washed laundry for the first time on the trip not counting washing clothes out daily in sinks.

The first day I went to the natural history museum. The second day was Christmas, and I spent the day hiking on a glacier outside of town.

Discovery and Initial Observations

You can either hike to the glacier from town, or take a taxi to the base and hike from there. I hiked all the way. There are so many kind people in the world - I felt very lucky. They strung up balloons across the common room. That night was a big celebration. Everyone in the hostel sat at a long table and ate a wonderful meal. There was music, dancing, and so much happiness.

However, the tour was not very good. I would have preferred to stand and observe one penguin for a long time rather than rush around and take pictures of every penguin in the area. Overall, I preferred the penguin viewing at Islas Magdelenas in Chile. The one good part was, the bus stopped at a marine mammal museum where we saw whale bones and teeth from various seals. Crabeater seals have incredible teeth! I got back to the hostel and wished I could have seen more penguins. The journey was incredible, but the penguin viewing had been a small part.