Courage in America: Justin Constantines Story

Justin Constantine
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Justin Constantine

Through teamwork and a positive mental attitude, he has had quite a successful recovery. He applies his incredible story of overcoming adversity to every level of an organization, and all audiences to move beyond the challenges they are facing in their own lives. Upon recovering from his injuries, Justin continued to serve in the Federal government in a number of attorney positions, including the Department of Justice, Capitol Hill and most recently with the FBI on a counter terrorism team.

In addition, in the Secretary of Defense appointed him to serve on a 4-year Congressionally-mandated Task Force for Recovering Warriors.

Justin Constantine │ Inspirational Leadership Speaker

Further, Justin was invited to introduce President George W. Justin is a Senior Advisor at the U. Chamber of Commerce Foundation in connection with their Hiring Our Heroes campaign, and works with a number of corporations on their veteran hiring initiatives.

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Through his journey of courage, injury, resilience and triumph, Justin demonstrates that we are all stronger than we think we are. His personal story of recovery and success is a testament to the power of the human spirit, and the message he shares applies to every member of the audience.

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All will leave inspired to attack any difficulties in their own lives, and will search out opportunities to excel at work and at home. On October 18, , Justin experienced a life-altering event.

Justin Constantine │ Inspirational Leadership Speaker

Since that day, he has inspired others to live a more rewarding personal and professional life by sharing his story of courage and resilience. Since starting his company, The Constantine Group, Justin has spoken at hundreds of corporate and association events, co-founded a non-profit organization, worked with veteran employment programs, and written two books.

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He has been recognized by several U. Justin has used his amazing story to become a remarkable inspiration to people across the nation. You have a very powerful story to share.

What inspired you to start sharing your journey? I had no definite plans to start doing motivational speaking right after I was injured. But around , I was asked to speak at an annual Marine Corps event.

Everyone really enjoyed my story and I realized that people cared about what I had gone through. I started speaking at more annual galas and law enforcement functions, and everything just went from there. When I first started speaking, I was working full-time as a lawyer.

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Once a year they host an annual event where the officers that were killed in line of duty are honored and money is raised to give to the children of the officers for college. This was my first time speaking at an event; when they asked about my fee, I just asked them to cover the cost of the gas in my car!

I received a standing ovation after speaking and that was when I realized that I could get paid to do something so impactful.

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Even though you underwent a life-changing experience, you are still motivated to make the most of every day. How do you stay positive even during bad times? I know first-hand that life can change or be over in the blink of an eye. I want to make the most of my time here and I want others to do the same.