Along the Shore: A journey of soul searching

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He will become his joyful and necessary friend, so recognizable in his hawaiian shirt. Charming Mrs Saeki is stuck in the memory of a remote past, halfway through her teenage years and the end of her life, being a lover or a mother, soft and impalpable between the Shikoku and the earthly world. Oshima, the androgynous guardian of a special library, polished and detached, always trying to protect concepts and ideas.

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Able to forsake anything for the perfect wave, he probably is a metaphor of the same search of his brother, even though wild and free. Johnny Walker, dark and mephistophelian character, kills cats to steal their precious souls. He is so subjected to himself and to his own darkness, that he begs to be killed. The mystery begins and above all, in the wind, the Crow boy follows or precedes Kafka everywhere, in his shining blackness, whispering important and revealing words.

The curtain is up and it all starts with the scene of the long sleep, at the end of which only Nakata remains on the ground, losing common intelligence to obtain the magic one, which allows him to retain that childlike candour and, above all, to talk with cats, the most amazing among all creatures…. Kafka On The Shore. Utilizziamo i cookie per essere sicuri che tu possa avere la migliore esperienza sul nostro sito.

To truly feel at home within themselves no matter where they are. To trust themselves and take inspired and meaningful action to create their dream life. To learn more about me click here , to learn more about this website click here. Inspire, heal and create an environment of growth, challenge and unlimited potential for you on your journey of spiritual and personal growth. Soul searching is a return to the center of your being, a journey to find your true nature. Soul searching is going deep within yourself, to discover the calm and clear voice of your intuition. To show up for yourself, to be true to yourself.

To find why you think or act the way you do.

To heal the pain, you have suffered and to free yourself. Trying to be accepted by those you think you need in order to be accepted or successful? Subconscious actions and decisions are made due to experiences or some type of trauma we experienced as a child. Your inner child wanted to keep you safe and did its best in assisting you in the best way they knew how. The results of these beliefs as an adult?

Can be very damaging and destructive as we unintentionally turn to that child, who made these decisions. Resulting in an internal battle. You just need to learn how to operate in a different way, to get a different result, to be who you truly want to be. Soul Searching Journey was a game changer for me, I didn't really know what to expect but it has changed my life positively, which I didn't think was possible. With Anusuya always asking the right questions, I have started to think differently after our sessions, and was encouraged to read books again.

I really felt I was cared for with Anusuya, just knowing she was there for me and supporting me meant a lot.

After my journey with Anusuya I am now better at saying no, I take charge and responsibility of my life, I am aware of what I want to change about myself, I take action and I know that my best is actually good enough! Anusuya is very comfortable and a trustworthy person, which has been perfect for me, I really felt she was there for me, especially during the times of feeling uncomfortable feelings - it's really thought-provoking and surprising what comes to the surface when I really feel myself.

Due to the coaching programme with Anusuya I am more true to myself, open and taking chances. You already have everything within you that you seek. I want to lead you back to yourself, reconnect to what truly matters. For you to trust your inner guidance and wisdom and trust yourself so deeply so you can feel truly alive.

I created this program because the most important relationship we have, is the one with ourselves.

Discover, connect and align with your deeper calling?

As you begin to develop a positive relationship with yourself, as you do the deep inner work putting yourself first, figuring out what you want, and dissolve fear is one of the keys to unlocking more fulfilment, meaning, purpose, freedom, wealth, abundance and joy in your life. Awakening the body, mind and soul. To start re-defining the relation you have with yourself. To create time and space to come home to yourself.

You will be your own guide, your most trusted friend :.

Spirituality, Getting Naked and ADVENTURE – Soul Searching Through Travel

The Soul Searching sessions are unique to each person and individually tailored to you. With my gentle, intuitive, heart-felt, yet honest approach, I create a sacred space for exploration and meaningful transformation. To be you in every way.

Soul Energy Alignment: Guided Meditation For Self Love, Deep Healing And Awakening

To align with the things that truly matter to you. I consider working with my clients a privilege and a great responsibility. During our time together and beyond , you can count on me to be honest and real with you. We become a team, focused on YOU and what truly matters. That being said… I will listen, reflect and work with you as you explore what it really means to be you in all aspects of your life.

YOU are the expert in your life! I felt I let go of a lot of emotional baggage and I grew as a person. The programme has been thought-provoking, tough, developing, awe-inspiring, and given me self respect!

Anusuya as a coach is loving, accepting and balanced, She was good at remembering to follow up on my "homework" as well. Thank you Anusuya for making me feel safe. Is not a quick fix. It can take time to uncover unconscious patterns that are keeping you stuck. As well as to make the necessary outward changes in our lives. However, you may be surprised at how quickly your experience can shift once you make a commitment to your own growth.

Reprogram your subconscious. Create a path to freedom which includes clarity and direction. As well as a plan which allows you to transition into your true self. That alone makes it worth learning more about yourself and adopting practices that will support your experience. We look at the real reasons that are holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Nourishing and enriching you from the inside out and ignite change. Together we seek your personal truth. Listen to whispers of your heart.

Pixar's Soul Is A Literal Soul-Searching Journey - MTV

Discovering your unique roadmap as it unfolds, that allows you to find your true calling. We get clarity on your purpose and clear about your gifts and how to shine your light. By honoring yourself and your universal connection, life begins to transform around you, as if by magic. Using the power of intention, we become crystal clear on what and where you want to focus your energy.

Finding YOUR WHY

While being mindful that this journey is a Co-Creation and there is a process of unfolding according to your Divine Timing. Meaning you can finally break free from past hurts and limitations. When you work with me you have my undivided attention.

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You can think out loud, process and put the pieces back together again with even more love, clarity and intention than before. I will see you. Today I feel relieved because I am aware, and I know my patterns and behaviour, which makes it easier to change. Anusuya is very dedicated and serious about her work, and really good at asking the right questions.